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No two buildings are the same, nor the region in which they exist.  There are effective energy solutions for new and existing structures.  Air Leakage, which is the number one cause of 40% of energy loss, is due to air inflitration, which can be controlled through the building design or finding solutions for existing and new buildings. There may be a combination utilizing 2 or more of these products to ensure that you get the results you are trying to achieve.  When looking for a better envelope solution we can provide the solution for you!

Air barrier systems include a number of materials which are assembled together to give you a complete barrier to air leakage through the building enclosure.  This system will essentially "wrap" your building shell and ensure that your building is protected from the effects of air leakage.  Air leakage is detrimental to the effectiveness of your building's functionality, comfort, and longevity.

Properly installed air barrier systems can reduce energy costs and provide you with peace of mind!  It's a known fact that mechanical engineers have to take into consideration and compensate for air leakage. Often, they compensate for air leakage through increasing the tonnage or equipment size of HVAC systems.  A properly installed air barrier system will allow your building to function more efficiently  with a smaller mechanical system. You will have peace of mind knowing that your building provides a barrier to pollutants that enter the building enclosure.  Water vapor, particles, dust, insects, and smells are all pollutants which we want to keep out of building enclosures.  Water vapors that leak into the building enclosure can condensate and form liquid water which is a key ingredient to corrosion and the development of mold.

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Wrapping Up!

With hundreds of residential and commercial projects in our history, we have the experience to provide a healthier more efficient building solution for you.

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3 storey building Air barrier installation